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  Cloud Server Hosting 

Lantech is a Microsoft Cloud Services Provider that caters to the requirements of both small and large businesses. Small businesses need a compatible solution, while still minimizing the costs and risks of their IT efforts, whereas large businesses have complex IT Infrastructure demands.

We solve these fundamental business problems by offering tailored cloud solutions coupled with managed services designed for each of these business segments. A low monthly fee, adjustable based on your needs at any point in time, allows you to grasp the benefits of data and power redundancy, and pay for only the storage and computing power you need. You have the option to access raw compute and memory resources to configure and manage your company's IT needs, or you can opt for our fully managed and monitored services, enabling you to focus on your business while we take care of your IT.

Our services come with options for backup and disaster recovery and our secure high-speed storage will support any current or future storage capacity you may require. Our IT Infrastructure is hosted within top-class US datacenters and we can replicate within these datacenters or any other datacenter of your choice.