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Monitoring Service

Filtering hundreds of server alerts, researching issues, troubleshooting, and fixing problems can be a daunting exercise in any IT environment. 

Yet the job must be done. 

Server downtime and its high associated costs impact both productivity and ROI. For only $150.00 / month, we will be your server’s IT specialist and monitor its “health.” We will be notified of irregularities in your system’s disk space, internet connectivity, memory/disk performance, anti-virus definition updates, RAID reliability, and other critical server components. 

If there’s a quick fix to your problem, we will solve it at no charge!

Our pricing is based on how many servers are being monitored: 
  • $150/Month for the first server.
  • $50/month for each additional server (Physical or Virtual)

Why should you take advantage of this service?

✓ Automatic antivirus definitions get turned off or fail occasionally, leaving your server vulnerable to viruses and attack

✓ RAID status analysis alerts us to a failed drive or problems in your RAID array before you encounter catastrophic data errors

✓ Alerts our engineers if your server is not up and inaccessible

✓ Information Store Size monitors how close your server is to the 16/75GB limit on Exchange/email database size; if you exceed this limit your server e-mail crashes

✓ If your Hard Disk Storage Space gets too low, you can lose or corrupt your data, and your server will likely crash; our storage usage notifications let us help you analyze and plan for future storage needs before you run out of space

✓ If you don’t have enough Memory or Processing Speed, response time bogs down and office productivity can suffer; we can see how much memory is being used, and how busy your CPU is.

✓ Internet circuit failures; we get notifications if your office internet connection to the server is down.