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  Spam Filtering Service

SPAM continues to flood our e-mail every day. Junk e-mails clog your inbox and there doesn’t appear to be any end to the onslaught. In fact, spam levels are thought to constitute nine out of every ten e-mails.

Sneaky types of spam, like “image” spam and “pump and dump” spam, are designed to get around traditional filters and end up in your in-box. The costs of fighting spam on your own continue to grow due to increased bandwidth usage by the traffic, clogged servers, and loss of employee productivity.

Every day there are newer, “smarter” spam e-mails. Most can be successfully defeated by dedicated e-mail filtering hardware appliances that cost thousands of dollars. Unfortunately this can be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses. If filtering equipment is not in your budget, LanTech has a cost-effective solution! We are offering a highly effective e-mail filtering service to our customers for a low monthly fee.

For a fraction of the cost of owning a dedicated appliance, you can use our service to scan your company’s e-mail, screen out e-mails containing junk and viruses, and block phishing attacks. Our filtering services also offer high availability with redundant anti-spam appliances. Your employees reap the benefits of a more secure and uncluttered inbox, and waste less time sifting through and deleting the junk!